Keith & Wendy Hock

HocksThis past Sunday we celebrated 23 years since the first time we stepped off a plane in Montevideo.  Sunday also was our church’s 19th anniversary – Parque Batlle Bible Church.

These are also exciting days because yesterday (Tuesday), new BMW missionaries arrived!  John and Kristen Ball – and their four children arrived just after midnight.  We thank the Lord for placing this dear family on the field.  Please pray for their adjustment, finding a place to live and the array of paperwork before them.

Elizabeth and Matthew are in full swing with their studies and ministries at Appalachian Bible College in Beckley, West Virginia.

One project we’ve been praying about is the area on the back of our church property in Uruguay.  We are able to tackle this task little by little, but if you’d like to help, we’d appreciate it.  The cost will be at least $7,000.  We have a fund set up with Biblical Ministries Worldwide, called “Parque Bible Church Building Fund”.

We are personally thankful for those who give financially as well as to those who give themselves to prayer.  God continues to care for us and meet our needs.  While last month’s support was low, God has used generous honorariums through our meetings to wonderfully meet our every need.

Our mission board has been working on a video series, telling inspiring stories of how God is using willing workers to build His church in Uruguay.  This video series will be released in October.  These short films are called: “Working Like Ants”.  We’d like to invite you to subscribe.  You can do so by going to

Thanks again for your ministry to us.

Abiding in Christ  –  our Mediator,

Keith & Wendy,

(Elizabeth, Matthew) David 2/1/95, Timothy 7/30/96 and Samuel 12/11/99