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Why Should I…?

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So ask yourself why should I join the Bible reading and memory challenge.  I don't have time to read the instructions on my coffee maker (It is still flashing 12:00!) let alone the entire New Testament. I'm not sure I have a good translation, I fall asleep when I start, the ... Continue


It Comes From the Heart

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by: Kathy Elliott                           Sixteen months ago my mind was filled with hopes, uncertainty, timidity, and ideas. The prospect of coming to situation so different from anything I had worked to be a part of truly had my mind ... Continue


From the S. S. Superintendent’s View

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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jeri Garrett, and I am the Sunday School Supertindent for Snyder Bible Church.  My responsibilites are to order supplies for the Sunday School classes (2 years old to 6th grade), to promote students to the youth group, and to ensure that our ... Continue


Music & Its Mission

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The Mission of the Snyder Bible Church is to preach Christ Crucified, Risen, and Coming Again. It is our desire that through every part of our Church service, this message is shared. There are many ways to participate in worship. I have the privilege of being on the Worship Team that leads ... Continue


What We Are All About…

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Do you know what the Snyder Bible Church motto is? If not you don’t have to look too far; it is on the door of the Church along with the logo. It also finds its way into the bulletin often. It is “we preach Christ crucified, risen and coming again.” ... Continue


and a Happy New Year!

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Say “We wish you a merry Christmas!” three times and what do you think of? For most of us think of the next line of a favorite Christmas Carol, we hear it sung in the back of our minds as if it were coming from our own lips, the words ... Continue



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I recently saw a humorous drawing of a turkey pointing a wing at Santa Clause and telling him sternly “Wait your turn! This is my month!” I laughed and remembered how true this is, not that actual turkeys are getting on to Santa Clause, I would guess if turkeys could ... Continue


Independence Day

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I am very thankful and truly consider myself blessed to live in these United States of America, a nation with a history like no other in all the world. God has bestowed this nation with countless blessings over the years and has been active in her history from her birth ... Continue


Joshua Elliott’s Blog

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Have you ever had a layover in an airport somewhere? You have been on a long trip and you really want to get home, all that remains is this last stop where those minutes and hours can seem to carry on for days. There are only so many times you ... Continue


Rod Barnhart Blog

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Blog-Facebook-Twitter-Text; give me a break! I'm just learning how to e-mail and sometimes I have to get Michael to show me how to do that, especially if I have to add an attachment. As we look back on 2010 here at Snyder Bible Church, it has been a very interesting year. ... Continue

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